How to prepare a job description

Preparing a detailed specification helps you to focus on exactly what skills you need. The Job Description aids your recruitment resource in identifying candidates for you to interview. In addition, a job description helps the potential candidate understand and evaluate the position. The candidate will better understand the job for which they are applying, helping to attract those who might not otherwise apply and narrowing the field by hopefully excluding those who don't fit the requirements or who arenít interested in the opportunity.


  • Department and job title
  • Salary range, benefits and perks
  • Core job description
  • Main objectives of the position
  • Specific responsibilities

Range of responsibilities:

  • Day-to-day duties
  • Who the job reports to
  • The 'job process' from start to finish
  • A 'typical day' (if appropriate)
  • Examples of special projects (shows new potential opportunities)

Skills and abilities:

  • Abilities you expect your ideal candidate to demonstrate
  • Think in terms of technical, organizational, communicative or analytical skills
  • Apply each skill required with the specific job tasks

Qualifications and experience:

  • What specific education or course background do you require?
  • What level of experience (if any) is needed?
  • Is the candidate required to have held a prior job or similar description?

Character and personal qualities:

  • What sort of personality would fit in with your team?
  • Use descriptive words that would describe the nature of your ideal candidate
  • Think of traits that would help them complete the job efficiently

Be specific:

  • By specifying as much as possible, jobseekers will know exactly what the job entails and be able to better say if they can fulfill your expectations. By specifying exactly who it is you are looking for, you may avoid any problems that can arise once the successful applicant has started work.